Antique & Jewelry Shop in Belgrade

Antique & Jewelry Shop in Belgrade

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]f you are looking a small antique & jewelry shops that offering a diverse selection, the whole thing, regardless of whether it is a unique piece of jewelry from semiprecious stones and silver or lamps that varied warm light and colors illuminate that jewelry and paintings that are beautiful in their own way, then our Antique & Jewelry Shop in Belgrade right choice for you.

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Our antique & jewelry shops is like a time machine that all our visitors back to the past and they have often told us, „My grandmother had similar cups or glasses or plates or ornaments …“

We are located in the heart of Belgrade between Vuk’s Monument and unavoidable Kalenic market, in Sinđelićeva street. We are here for you every day, except Sunday when we take a rest.

Since our antique & jewelry shops is a little different from the others, we simply enjoyed it so we invite you to visit us, meet and enjoy with us.

Sights Tour in Belgrade

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e have prepared right tour sights of Belgrade, which begins in the center of the city and ends in our antique jewelry shops. The tour is long 2,8km.

At the end if you need water to take a break or sit down to rest your feet, our house is your house. Aslo, you can buy some souvenir 🙂

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Start point is „Trg republike“, the central square in Belgrade. There you can see a monument to Prince Mihailo, National Theater and the National Museum of Serbia.

Next is „Palace Moskva“, now is hotel but was a former insurance company building Russia in Belgrade. Located on the corner of Terazije and Balkanska streets. The building designed by architect Jovan Ilkić and a group of architects from St. Petersburg. Construction of the palace began in the spring of 1905, and was officially opened on 14 January 1908. It was the largest private building in the Kingdom of Serbia,there was a hundred meters from the Royal Palace.

We will upadete soon…